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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Argumentative Essay Writing

Like another piece of writing, argumentative essay is containing 3 parts. There are introduction, body part, and conclusion. The introduction paragraph should contain a brief clarification of your essay topic. You must outline the reasons why you choose it, and you can add some background information to make it sharper. Conclude this introduction part with a thesis statement. Thesis statement is a statement of your position on a particular argumentative topic.

The body part of argumentative essay would contain your reasons supporting the idea and its contradiction. Divide your reasons to be explained in every paragraph. You may also spend one or two paragraphs for refutation. But the important thing is that you must sure that you support your personal opinion, arguments, and reasons by evidence and actual information from reliable sources. One good aay is to notice the main opposite views on the issue you are talking about. But at the same time, to show how your point is more reasonable than the opposite.

The conclusion part must contain a short summary, solutions, recommendations or predictions. Repeat or restate your thesis statement from the introduction into your conclusion. It is also important to choose the reader you are targeting for argumentative essay. Actually argumentative essay will not very much used in college essay. But you still must learn it as any essay basics is the same such as for english essay.


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